TechSwiss offers training workshops tailor-suited to the needs of businesses looking to invest in their own talent. We can provide the logistical and educational resources to conduct lectures of any size at either an introductory, intermediate, or advanced technical level in a wide range of IT business-related fields.

We are also equipped to organize large conferences comprising a variety of topics for any short or extended period of time. TechSwiss can count upon a large network of well-known experts to appear as plenary and invited speakers. Conferences are especially useful in bridging connections with other people in your field and thus increasing your own business network while gaining a new perspective on the market.

The IT-industry is constantly growing and TechSwiss sees IT training as a vital component of keeping people informed on the latest developments. Our programs are founded on the principle that working with the community will keep the industry growing. For further inquiry about training possibilities send us an email 

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